A skilled Interior Designer will meet your unique needs by observing your lifestyle and your engagement with the physical environment to make informed decisions about how your space can better serve you.

At Sienna & Sage Interior Design, LLC, our goal is to learn what you love and to translate that into the intelligent design of your space.





Hiring a Designer can be a daunting task, and involves many considerations.

We aim to give you confidence, and to help you achieve a polished product that brings you joy. We value clarity and transparency. We will work to simplify your project for you and to deliver the results that you are hoping for, all while respecting your budget.

Each homegrown project is unique, but here is an overview of what you can expect from a partnership with us:



We’ll have a conversation about your project, get to know each other, and assess the circumstances to determine how to proceed.





We will agree on a list of services that your project requires (aka “scope of work”), perfected until you feel confident that the package is just right.




Site Survey & Interview

Sienna & Sage will visit your site and take measurements and photographs, documenting the existing condition (as needed).

We will interview you about your needs and hopes for your space, and look at your inspirational visuals to learn about your style and goals.




We will meet at an agreed upon time, and Sienna & Sage will reveal your handcrafted design. 





Et Voila!

Specific details for installation will depend upon your unique project.