subtlety, simplicity, sophistication.

We believe that design should support a sense of balance and well-being, and should fit seamlessly into your life. From DIY guidance to decorative planning, to extensive renovations, we are here to help.


Sienna & Sage was founded to serve a client who craves style and quality, delivered in an uncomplicated, tidy package. In designing your space, we focus on functionality, innovation and beauty, always seeking to solve problems and leave a lasting impression. We are committed to fostering an outstanding client experience, and to balancing pragmatic reasoning with outside the box risk-taking to deliver your product; a handcrafted Sienna & Sage design. Above all else, we value integrity and kindness in our work and in our business practices, and we will always do our best to facilitate a pleasant and impactful experience for you.

 - Tamar Kestenbaum, Founder and Interior Designer

With degrees in Interior Design and Art History, and professional experience at a premiere New York art gallery and at NBC Universal, Tamar has a well formed background in the arts. Whether designing kitchens, planning high-visibility commercial spaces, or selecting paint colors, artwork or furnishings, she injects creative energy throughout the process, and delivers a personalized, timeless design.